Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of Campus Safety and Emergency Services is for our team of diverse, caring, and collaborative professionals to support the University community by enhancing safety, security, efficient transit of constituents, and by leading the identification and mitigation of risk.

Formed in the fall of 2014, the unit unites the functional areas of Syracuse University that focus on community safety – both local and away from Syracuse, crisis and emergency response, law enforcement, management of risk, regulatory compliance, the efficient transportation of community members, and the management of campus parking.

The vision of the unit is to provide high-quality service to the campus community that is collaborative, consistent, accountable, flexible, and that takes full advantage of the synergy gained by a unified organization. We will accomplish this by:

  • collaborating with campus partners,
  • enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of our practice areas with particular attention to leveraging new and improved technologies,
  • communicating more often, more transparently, and at a higher quality with the University community,
  • utilizing resources in a fiscally responsible manner,
  • engaging in ongoing planning in support of our department’s current and evolving challenges,
  • and by being active citizens of the campus community.