Logo for LiveSafe mobile app, including the name and a shield with the outline of a cartoon personThe Division of Campus Safety and Emergency Services is committed to engaging with the community. Now, Syracuse University community members can get connected, stay involved, and most importantly get help by using the LiveSafe mobile application. The app makes information more accessible for anyone with an iOS or Android smart phone and provides direct access to DPS and Syracuse Police Department in the event of an emergency.

The LiveSafe app helps build an aware and safety conscious community. It provides a Report Tips tool, allowing users to take action by sending media content to the DPS dispatch center for follow-up. It also provides a safety map as a reference for public safety reports, health services, and other notable service centers in the area.

LiveSafe also integrates a feature called SafeWalk, which facilitates a “buddy system” for safe commutes home by permitting users to share location information and virtually escort each other to their final destinations. The app acts as a “mobile blue light,” integrating GPS location information when users contact the emergency dispatch center through the app.

In an attempt to build relationships between our community and the DPS, the application provides one more avenue to take action, raise awareness, and educate the public to create a safe environment for the students, faculty, and residents of the Syracuse University Community.

To download the app from the Apple Store, click here. To download the app on an Android, click here. Feel free to contact us at dpsadmin@syr.edu with questions or for more information about the app.