Threat Assessment and Management Team

The Threat Assessment and Management Team (TAMT) is an interdisciplinary group of appropriately trained professional Syracuse University staff, convened on an ad hoc basis, to evaluate concerns regarding potential physical threats to the campus community.

These threats may be raised by the Behavioral Consultation Committee (BCC), a group of Department of Public Safety staff, Division of Student Affairs, and Division of Academic Affairs leaders who meet weekly to review the monitor support needs of students previously identified with special needs related to behavioral health, substance abuse, or other behavior-related issues.

Concerns about potential threats may also be brought to the TAMT through any department of the University, through the administration of the University, by a University community member or from an outside source. Reports may be filed by visiting ourĀ Reporting to the TAMTĀ page.

The TAMT meets regularly throughout the academic year and additionally as needed to train team members on the protocols and maintain readiness for action. Upon activation of the team, the group convenes as appropriate, reviews all available information regarding the threat, the person posing the threat, and the target(s) of the threat. Further, they develop a set of strategies, options, and contingencies for mitigating the threat, execute and oversee the final action plan, and provide appropriate periodic monitoring of threat-related cases.