The TAMT Process

The TAMT identifies University affiliates or non-affiliates who have engaged in threatening behaviors or done something that raised serious concern about their well-being, stability, or potential for violence or suicide.

The team then proceeds to conduct initial screenings, notify and/or coordinate with the BCC as part of the screening when an assessment involves a student or students, conduct full inquiries if warranted, answer key inquiry questions, and make the assessment and define the priority of the case.

The TAMT further develops and implements a plan to manage and/or monitor the person or threat, monitor the plan, and refer and follow up as needed.

flow chart for the TAMT process: identify person of concern and contact TAMT, TAMT team members gather information, concerns? if no, close and document case. If yes, make assessment and develop management plan, refer and follow up. Repeat from concerns as needed.

TAMT team members are responsible for treating their work confidentially. While a TAMT team member cannot promise confidentiality during the intake or reporting process, information will be shared only with those who need to know.

TAMT members may not disclose confidential material to anyone outside of the TAMT process, unless the team determines that disclosure is warranted because the individual receiving the information is a university official or emergency responder with a need to know.