The TAMT Team


Tony Callisto, Senior Vice President and Chief Law Enforcement Officer, 315.443.5480

Robert D. Hradsky, Vice President, Student Experience, 315.443.1886


Denise C. Dyce, Director of Labor Relations, 315.443.9095

Gerald S. Edmonds, Assistant Provost, 315.443.4119

Bobby Maldonado, Chief, Department of Public Safety, 315.443.8736

James McLellan, Commander Operational Support, Department of Public Safety, 315.443.1746

Sheriah Dixon, Director, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, 315.443.1627

Abby Perer, Associate General Counsel, 315.443.8979

Sarah T. Solomon, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Assistance, 315.443.4357

Marianne Thomson, Associate Vice President for the Student Experience and Dean of Students, 315.443.4461

Cory Wallack, Interim Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness, 315.443.4715

Sheila Johnson Willis, Associate Vice President, HCD Equal Employment Opportunity, 315.443.2377

Beth Salatti, Interim Director of the Counseling Center, 315.443.4715